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Originally posted by john
"G-Spot Gigolo" is your favorite song?
Hah... "G-Spot Gigolo" was named by my friend Heiko... Speaking of which, he did all the intros for Sadochismo including the really long torture sound clip. After CBT got these intros, Sascha stopped contact with him and gave him no credit for the intros. Also... one more thing... My friend Andreas did TWO shirts for CBT, one being the "Where Girls Learn to Piss on Command" shirt, with the chick shitting with a gasmask on. He designed TWO shirts for CBT and received no credit... After that he wanted a free shirt from Sascha that my HE designed, and Sascha told him he has to pay for one. CBT are arrogant dicks with a fucking terrible rockstar attitude... Hope your leg has healed since you had to cancel all your gigs at the last minute Sascha.
please give me the email adress of your friend (andreas & heiko) and they will get some shirts, ok? we don't wear them.
we had only a few credits in our albums so far, coz there are so many dudes that helped us in the past. so i am really sorry if we set u off, man!
thanx for the shirt design and the intros!!!

p.s. fuck you for calling us arrogant dicks with rockstar attitudes...!
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