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i was in 1st science when i got the gut rumbles... there was this hot chick i like sittin next to me and i think she heard the rumbles, anyways it was almost the end of the hour when i twitched and a little (not much, but enough) to leave a litttle shit stain on the chair. i took all the percautions. never moved, left the class last.... but i didnt know i left a tiny puddle in the chair. i went to the office sd i dndt feel good and called mom... i left right after the call for the bathroom and at about halfway there i just let it all out (no one knew i let it all out no one saw or smelled it). and went to the bathroom and shit my ass off. anyways i left and later called my best friend, i tell him everything, and he somehow knew i shat myself and i scream how and he sez the whole class saw the chair and im just like....shit....(pun sorta intended) anyways im really stressed out and dont want to go to school tomorrow.tomorrow is friday so if i dont go i hqve the whole weekend to relax and let it blow over. will my mom understand? please someone help me. i need help ( no not that i already wiped) seriously though please help
wait. this guy made an account, posted once about a time he shit his pants, and never posted again. hahahahah
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