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Originally Posted by Antæos View Post
Throngs of people have died and are still dying this day to obtain the freedom you retards piss away because you're too lazy to get off the couch. Jesus Christ. Go fucking vote, you less-than-humans.
Originally Posted by Suicide Machine View Post
To all the people who aren't voting: I hope you know that you are in no position to complain about the outcome. And what Antæos said.
You guys don't really understand how voting in America works. The popular vote does not decide the victor. The electoral college decides. Say, I live in New York, which is a Democratic State. The state will ALWAYS vote Democrat. John McCain could win the popular vote in NY and we would still be a blue state. So, it's not that we aren't getting off the couch, its that we are completely disenfranchised with this nation and its policy of deception towards its citizens. And, I personally am also upset with the citizens for not being informed, and getting all of their opinions from cable news channels. They are not to be trusted. Read a book, please. Either way, the same lobbys control almost all politicians in this nation. We are fucked and I'm surprised that only a little more than half of the country realizes this.

So far, incinerate is the only realist in this thread.

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