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Originally Posted by The Yeti View Post
obama is all about wealth redistribution, i.e. "fairness," he wants to raise taxes on EVERYTHING, he wants to DOUBLE capital gain taxes, he wants nationalized healthcare (i.e. socialized medicine), he is anti-gun, anti-capitalist, extreme environazi, etc etc.

it really pisses me off when politicians talk about taxing the rich in order to solve all problems. yeah, great, lets NOT give people incentive to work hard and attain wealth
I love the American ideology of success and wealth. Apparently there is no such thing as economic injustice; everyone who gets rich does so purely through hard work and therefore deserves every cent, while everyone who is not well-off is clearly lazy or otherwise inferior. The notion that many people get lucky breaks on the way to success, and that capitalism hinges on exploitation, is unheard-of. So it's equally inconceivable to these ideologues that some people are poor not because they're lazy bums, but because they inherited disadvantages and/or had bad luck in various ways in their lives. Ignorance really is bliss.
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