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I shit my pants at school today.

Plus it was really hot out and I started to sweat. I'm 16 years old and I'm 277lbs so I sweat really easily. Plus my face is greasy and I have huge man tits. And I wear lame clothes that make me look like a loser. Anyway I was sitting next to this really hot chick when I was trying to squeeze my ass cheeks together to try not to fart. I didn't have the strength to hold it. But it wasn't a fart that came out. It was warm shit butter. And it went all over my briefs. I couldn't move. Every time I went to shift my ass, I felt the steaming pile press against my ass flesh. I started to notice a smell right away. I knew for sure the girl next to me did too. I kept eyeballing her and I noticed that she was making strange facial expressions, as if she was smelling something bad. When class was over and I stood up, I had the uncomfortable and nerve tensing feeling of shit in my pants. I could swear that when I was walking, some of the shit dripped down my baggy jeans and down my legs. Oh God, it just happened today. I hate myself. Everyone hates me. I smelled like shit through out the entire day. I hate myself. I hate myself. I hate myself.
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