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Went to a Metal Market last week, let's call it e-bay live. Spent much to much money to get my new collection going. Bought mostly older things, but already had some terrific moments listening to it all.

Opeth: Blackwater Park & Morningrise (Morningrise definately my favorite next to Ghost of Perdition)
Porcupine Tree: The sky moves sideways & Stars Die - Delirium years
Arcturus: Sideshow symphonies
Borknagar: Origin
Cradle of filth: Nymphetamine (love it)
Darkthrone: Soulside Journey (didn't listen yet)
Dream Theatre: Live at the marquee
My dying bride: The angel and the dark river - The light at the end of the world - As the flower withers (melancholy till the day I die)
Emperor: In the nightside eclipse
Throns vs Emperor
Empyrium: Songs of moors and misty fields (a winner if ever I heard one)
Green Carnation: Light of Day, day of darkness (needs no comment on this forum I guess)
King Diamond - Abigail II (couldn't find the first one yet - now this is what I call a concept album)
Nightwish: Wishmaster
The vision bleak: Carpathia (I'll see them in a couple of weeks together with Therion: yes please, can't wait !!)

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