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Blind Dragon of Khaos,
Creator of Death,
His blindness is the inevitability of Doom and End of the Universe.

Dark Mother Lilith,
who birthed a multitude of unnamed demons
to serve asenemies against the Light
and the principles of the twelve,
the Queen within the hierarchy of Hell.

Many demons exist among people.
A man can serve as the mirror of Khaos.
May Lilith be his Mother.
May the Dragon be his Father.

All manifestations of Evil,
all beings within the Realm of Khaos
are made from the essence of Hell.

Evil, unbridled and predatory,
is unlocked through Hell.

All creations of Khaos are predetermined
by development of Hell.

Evil is traveling through kosmos through streams of electrical impulses.

Evil is the adversary to the essence of everything in the Universe.

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