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Re: Good TV Shows?

Has anyone seen the new Chapelle..... thing? On Netflix. I tried but had to stop after 5 minutes. What a complete sellout. It's ironic though - I remember a time where we didn't have any of his material when he weirdly disappeared for a long time and we all wanted more Chapelle Show. Then, he came back with a shit ton of specials and I thought they were all great, albeit a little annoying sometimes on a personal level, but legitimately funny. Now it's like... too much. And whatever that Mark Twain award bullshit was the cringiest shit I've seen in a while

On another note, I just noticed there's a new season of Ozark. I'm not a big fan of TV shows in general, but Ozark is one of the few that I actually enjoyed. Can anyone recommend Season 3, or is it just another example of a series bleeding itself dry?

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