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Re: Good TV Shows?

I loved Top Boy it made me give Gomorrah another shot the first two seasons are excellent on the third now. The evolution of all the characters even secondary ones is sublime where I think it outshines Top Boy which is about the two main protagonists as attached as we may become to the others.

Unpredictable television makes riveting. I also loved too old to die young I had to laugh at journalists berating the violence against women like a few get shot dead the men get amputated and beaten and whipped over days until there a pulpy mess haha such a crazy world these writers trying to score points.

I agree the pace can be excruciating but visually it’s beautifully shot and every character is intricately woven by motive and light and dark. Except for Baldwin he’s all without soul. I eagerly await the sequel as the god film with gosling was that guy’s style to an insufferably slow conclusion.
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