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I get my 7th niece this morning. I have 7 nieces all under the age of 7. I am happy but then again I am sad. 4 out of the 7 are in broken homes who's parents are drug addicts. If I had the means, I would take them. I just can't right now, my life is just coming together. I checked into treatment almost a full year ago. I went through so many changes over the last year. I have been working out every day since I got my gym membership last Wednesday. I am eating a kale smoothie every day and watching what I eat the rest of the day. Yesterday I thought, man, I should look for a painter job on craigslist. BAM, there was a post only 3 hours old. Emailed him, he emailed me back and I sent him my resume this morning. I should be working by the end of the week. Life is just getting good, I am not ready to play daddy to kids who aren't my own and hope I am not forced to. I will do what I have to do. :willram
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