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Originally Posted by Griever View Post
I think there is a great difference between writing songs for the sole purpose of having odd time, and another for those who add it in as a mechanism to enhance the groove.
When I write I don't even view it like that. I just write a riff. If the riff happens to be 4/4 cool, if it's 5/4 cool, if it's 11/8 cool. As long as it sounds good and you can put it all together nicely. I definitely do know people who are like, "Hey dude let's put this part in 7/8 over here cause it will fuck up the whole song and throw people off." And hey that's a style I've done it before but I don't anymore.

On a side note I listened to The Discovery today for the first time in probably 2 years and holy shit, I completely forgot how unbelievably good that album is. I wish he fleshed out those EPs (Portmanteau, ]]][[[) and made them into entire album, because I loved both of those but I wanted soo much more. Beacons was great but did not live up to the EPs preceding it. I love Let Yourself Be Huge and Fade. While I am happy that he's going in a different direction and experimenting with other ideas, I still get the urge for him to bust out with a big ass heavy riff alternating between 11/8 and 7/8.

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If he goes down on one knee it's a fail
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