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cool offer at the end/omega order:

We are super psyched to announce one of the biggest specials we have done in a while!

Anything you order from this page just enter Coupon Code "Meltdown" at checkout and you will receive 66.6% off your order! How devilish is that!!!

And to make this deal even hotter we will throw at least one of the cool and limited items shown below.
This deal is valid for the whole of June but the sooner you order the more the chances of getting the cool stuff.

Helloween Signed Flats
Tarja Flats (Signed and Unsigned)
Danzig Tour Posters (Signed)
Badly Drawn Boy Flats
Audio Bullys Flats
Does It Offend You, Yeah? Signed Flats
High On Fire Signed Posters
Zoroaster Signed Posters
Slipknot Posters (Signed and Unsigned)
Woods Of Ypres Posters
Priestess Posters
Kittie Posters
Vader Posters
Emilie Autumn aborted US tour Posters
Dirty Little Rabbits Posters
Lordi Bibs
Audio Bullys Backpacks
Made Out Of Babies Promo Shirts
Earache T Shirts
Assorted Music Samplers from other labels
Stickers: Dredge, Clandestine, etc.
Crap Loads of Promo Inserts
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum posters
Virgin Black posters
and so much more!
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