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Originally Posted by SLIT YOUR GUTZ View Post
I come across great sales from time to time on popular DM cds, it seemed like a good idea to make a thread about good DM (and other music) sales so we can hook each other up with the good deals.

I'll post some in a few.
Good idea.

Originally Posted by dimensional_entity View Post

Originally Posted by phagist_ View Post
buying cds ftw.
Originally Posted by Tomes of Deceit View Post
Let's not turn this into another debate on the morals of buying/downloading. No one is changing their mind.

I love buying CD's, and messing around with my collection. For me the tangible part is really important.
Cool idea for a thread, if anyone actually contributes. I've got nothing at the moment.
I agree, especially the messing with my collection part.

Originally Posted by GEEsu5 View Post
i wish i had the money to have a huge cd selection, i wish every album i had on my hard drive i had the cd.
I can say that!
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