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Originally Posted by ScottAlarum
(Whilst doing the classical guitar my teacher used to tell me about another guy he taught who he thought was very similar and very talented.
That guitarist turned out to be Mark Evans, my eventual partner in crime in Alarum. Funny world isn't it?)
That is awesome and helps to understand your astounding musicianship.

Originally Posted by ScottAlarum
I think in the last 10 years I've learnt most by playing with the guys in the band and just continuing to try and do new things and find new ways to get sounds.

Experimentation is important.
If you learn something don't just play what you've learned.
Re-write it, change it, try and play it in as many different ways as you can.
Absorb it.

Like someone said,
Its not WHAT your doing, its WHY your doing it.
Words of wisdom right there.

Thanks for the reply! Atleast you put effort and information into answering questions and thanks for that!
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