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Well I can't speak for everybody but I began guitar at age 15 and had lessons for around 18 months with a fantastic teacher who really put the emphasis on having fun and enjoying what I was playing whilst teaching me all the basics of guitar.

At that point he told me my playing would benefit from learning some classical guitar and he sent me to just such a teacher. That teacher also broke up the classical stuff by working on stuff by my favourite guitarists.
I did that for a couple of years and it was there that I learnt how to finger pick as well as working on some more advanced soloing idea's.

(Whilst doing the classical guitar my teacher used to tell me about another guy he taught who he thought was very similar and very talented.
That guitarist turned out to be Mark Evans, my eventual partner in crime in Alarum. Funny world isn't it?)

After that I pretty much worked on learning other people's stuff I dug, which ranged from Metallica to Joe Satriani to Pink Floyd and even a bit of commercial pop/rock.

I've never really been one for books and tapes etc. I have used them but never any book or tape in particular and never consistantly.

I think in the last 10 years I've learnt most by playing with the guys in the band and just continuing to try and do new things and find new ways to get sounds.

Experimentation is important.
If you learn something don't just play what you've learned.
Re-write it, change it, try and play it in as many different ways as you can.
Absorb it.

Like someone said,
Its not WHAT your doing, its WHY your doing it.

I hope that sheds some light?

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