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Holy fucking shee-yot, Batman, "It's a Small World, After All...It's a Small World, After All" (come on Disney, sue me!)

Yup, his name is Ivan Orrick, his sister Lisa is in fact married to my brother John, the former Resurrection guitarist/songwriter. Ivan's a cool dude, fun to hang with. He also has lots of neat life experiences, as he did some time in the Navy (no buttering jokes, please), and saw quite a bit of the world. He and I last hung out at our neice's birthday party several months back.

Just goes to show, you never know who you'll run into. Since you will likely see Ivan before I do, say hey to him for me, and tell him to get on the Adrift board and post, or I'll punch him in the cock!

Take care, man! Look forward to having a beer with ya (if yer of legal age to imbibe, of course, no illegal activities here, boss! :D )
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