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Response to MetalFreak

Led Zeppelin

Zeppelin has an entire career full of great tunes but I feel there are so many more obscure artists, such as Devo (Kevin) that would make for more interesting covers. I am really fond of Carouselambra off their last album. The Immigrant Song would be alot of fun. Come to think of it, lots of stuff off of either "Physical Graffiti" or "Houses of the Holy" rocks. Didn't Great White do an entire album of Zep covers?

Alice in Chains

I acquiesce with Kevin on the "Dirt" album. That is easily one of the greatest albums of the grunge era. I like it from start to finish and still keep it on regular rotation. I like Rotten Apple from "Jar of Flies" quite a bit and a few tracks from "Grind". They were a great band. I would rate Jerry Cantrell as one of the three best guitarist/songwriters of the 1990's. It's a shame about Layne.

Van Halen

Hmmmmnh... I will probably be ostracized for saying this, especially by our drummer who has nothing better to do than dream up sexually deviant scandals to put me in the middle of (well, that's when he's not padding his stats on the sex-o-meter), but I personally feel Edward & Alex Van Halen's finest moments are found on Van Halen III and the "Twister" soundtrack. Yeah, yeah, yeah... I'm sure that comment will be regarded as blasphemous. Listen, Runnin' with the Devil, Eruption and Jaime's Cryin' were great songs to party to as a teenager, but I don't find them to be life changing. I thought Me Wise Magic was decent... Anyway, if we want to pay homage to great guitar players and give Jack a chance to shred, how about Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimi Hendrix or Randy Rhoads. I fully endorse a cover of Diary of a Madman!
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