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So I do not disappoint MetalNorm, I will not go to great lengths to belittle your intelligence and coax your ego by giving you exactly what you're looking for: Attention.

I will, however, use the socratic method to help you to answer a few of your own questions, and at the same time, I anticipate you will stumble all over yourself in some misinformed fashion, making it publicly evident why you have nothing better to do with your time than to post adolescent quips in an attempt to start an intellectual fistfight and advertise the ill care you have for your own children [SEE PHOTO].

a.) When you refer to Adrift as generic, mainstream radio music, would you be implying that all music on the radio is generic? You, being a self-proclaimed master of multiple genres of music, must be privy to such an eclectic array of sonic treasures that the rest of us lowly folk could never dream to access. A connoisseur such as yourself need not trouble yourself with meager fare such as Adrift. I am curious, though, of your ten or twenty favorite bands, as that would better help me to gauge the quality of your critique. Furthermore, I am also wondering whether or not those bands have had any mainstream radio airplay.

b.) If you have been a rock/jazz/metal/orchestral musician for ten years now, and no doubt you exceed at your craft, why is your tagline a pathetic advertisement for the fact that you do not even play with a band? Certainly, if you are leagues above all of the rock, metal and dare I say, jazz musicians in your area, perhaps you could thrill us with a solo project? I do know why you have not made application to the orchestra yet; because you cannot even spell it correctly. That will be our little secret, though.

c.) If you really would rather have cancer, I will see what I can do about it. It is no sweat off of my palms to slip into a egragorian meditation with the intent to enlighten another soul along the path. The trouble is my friend, you are your own cancer. Set down the controller to whatever RPG you are currently absorbed in and learn to please a woman and you will spend far less time finding things to hate and reasons to hate them. Better yet, spend a little more time with your bass and you might actually gain the confidence to audition for a band. Then you could stop telling us how horrible we are and how wonderful you are and just dazzle us with your brilliance.

I fly into Sky Harbor at least once per year in case you would like to get together and have a drink. Only you & I, though...I am not buying for your children. Meanwhile, Cheers.

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