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Q: How's Luke?
A(Sam): He's travelling around the world DJing, you've probably seen the thread. Makes it a little hard to get online every day.

Q: Do you guys use baritone guitars or normal guitars lowered to A tuning?
A(Sam): Normal guitars lowered to A tuning.

Q: What type of software was used to create and assemble the drum's on the first album?
A(Sam): I think drums on the first album might have been done on cubase, check in the studio section on

Q: Is it a Ibanez bass or Warwick?
A(Sam): It's an Ibanez BTB.

Q: I was always under the impression that you did the deep vocals for compromise, on the album. I noticed on the dvd, luke sings most of it live. Is that true for the album?
A(Sam): Luke does the low vocals on Compromise and Last Mistake.

Q: What was it like beginning off in a city like melbourne?
A(Sam): Starting off in Melbourne was OK. It's just easy as an australian band to fall into the trap of thinking that touring overseas is something you do once you conquer australia. When you start touring overseas that's when all the real work starts, no-one cares what you did back in oz.

Q: Can Ignorance be played live?
A(Sam): We played 'Ignorance' live once at the Tote in Melbourne as an encore, I did the drums... A little instrument swap happened.

Q: Can I order your masks somewhere?
A(Sam): The masks are not available for purchase. Most of them have been made/modified.

Q: How many years of experience did you have in guitar/bass before joining your first band?
A(Sam): About 8 or so. Theberzerker was my first band, not counting playing covers at school with friends.

Q: I saw that your live drummer on the dissumlate tour learned the material from drum transcriptions, can you post them here?
A(Sam): The drum tabs that you saw belonged to the fill-in drummer who replaced the usual drummer after he broke his foot. The guy played the UK/European tour with us, and wrote those notes for himself...I'm not sure if any other drum tabs exist, you might want to wait until berzerker gets back from the dj tour and ask him.

Q: Why did Luke originally want to fly to Canada and record the first album with session musicians, rather than record it with you and Paul?
A(Sam): Luke couldn't record with Paul because he'd converted to christianity and wanted to put some distance between himself and death metal. I hadn't recorded before or proven myself in live shows, and when that's your option and Devin Townsend and the Strapping guys say they'll record and perform your album for you... Who would you go for?

Q: In the DVD, it says that Earache released the rough mixes of the self-titled album, where can i get it?
A(Sam): All the songs were demoed up long before Jason and Ed. Jason and Ed did most of one side of the guitars for the 1st album. The rough mix release you heard about was a free Earache cd giveaway, where you could hear the early Berzerker demos. There is no bass recorded on it.

Q: Okay, so the final product contained Jason and Ed's guitar work as well as the bass guitar, correct?
A(Sam): Jason, Ed and Sam's guitars + bass, yes.

Q: Does the song ignorance use a Darkthrone sample?
A(Sam): No Darkthrone samples were used on the first album.

Q: On the Humanity bootleg Bass tries to pull guitars mask off, did this really happen?
A(Sam): It probably happened, I forget that filmclip from a small room (known in tallahassee as the 'thunderdome')? The old bassist and I would sometimes try and put each other out during shows, for fun.

Q: What's the best NOT-METAL gig you guys have ever been?
A(Sam): Best non-metal festival around these parts is the Big Day Out. Best nonmetal show I've seen was probably Mr.Bungle.

Q: have any of you guys ever been bitten by jumper ants?
A(Sam): Yes, have been bitten by jumper ants a number of times. They hurt.

Q: Ok, has any one of you heard of a band called the Peaks from brisbourne?
A(Sam): Haven't heard of the Peaks.

Q: Favorite bands of the moment?
A(Sam): Fave bands of the moment? Listening to a bit of Mithras, Agoraphobic Nosebleed and a few other things. Don't really have a super-favourite band of the moment.

Q: Are you still working but only part time?
A(Sam): I work a full time job and some part time jobs, always have.

Q: Are you playing in any other band at the moment?
A(Sam): Not playing in any other band at the moment. Recording a CD of my own stuff right now.

Q: What (Guitar) pickups you guys used when recording s/t and dissimulate?
A(Sam): For the self titled, used Seymour Duncans. I think EMGs were used on Dissimulate.

Q: Sam, is this stuff you're working by yourself gonna be released?
A(Sam): Think it will be a personal album that I'll send to friends, we'll see.

Q: So, are you working on it all by yourself, drums guitar, bass, vox and so on, or are there gonna be some other musicians on there?
A(Sam): Yep, doing the guitar/bass/vox and drum programming myself. Have been trying to talk the guitarist, who is producing the guitars for me, into laying down a random solo...we'll see.
And if Berzerker has a bit of time might get him to screech on one or two of the tracks.

Q: Why did Sam leave Theberzerker?
A(Sam): I left for a few reasons, but the two biggest were I didn't enjoy touring that much, and I was broke and needed to start looking after myself. I've left the position open for anyone else who wants to tour fulltime. With the permission of the berzerker, I still wish to be involved with the music-making side of the band.

Q: Is there a video for the track Compromise?
A(Sam): There is a video for compromise, not on the dvd however.

Q: What is the point of the songs 95 and Ode To Nash?
A(Sam): Take those two tracks and play-pretend that they might be there for a reason. And while you are pretending - this may require some imagination - see if you can come up with "the point" of those songs yourself. You will find this exercise vastly more rewarding than us just spoon-feeding you an answer. Or you may feel free to write them off as "staticy, irritating, noise" and nothing more, and continue to get nothing out of them. Whatever makes you happy.

Q: Who played live guitar for the "self-titled" album tour?
A(Sam): There were two guitarists for the self-titled tour, myself and another guy called Mark who doesn't appear anywhere else on the DVD except in the live footage.

Q: Hey bass, would there be a chance of aquiring/purchasing some of your material when you have finished it?
A(Sam): Yeah, I'll make a post here once I've finished it...shouldn't be too long now.

Q: How quick can you play a bass guitar when playing in Theberzerker?
A(Sam): I can play THIS quick....

Q: I didn't know you liked INM, Sam?
A(Sam): I like the songtitles more than anything, and appreciate Seth's amazing ability to survive comas.

Q: Sam whats your take on people who are into numetal mtv garbage who think your band sucks.
A(Sam): Fuck 'em

Q: Can you tell me the gauge of your strings?
A(Sam): Ummm... Super fucking massive?

Q: Sam, on the DVD, when you have just finished the demo version of Cannibal Rights, are you actually growling along, or just pissing around miming?
A(Sam): During Cannibal Rites on the DVD, i was both doing the vocals AND pissing around.

Q: Bass Distortion?
A(Sam): For the last few albums and also live, we use the marshall JMP1 for distortion, and heartily recommend it for all your distortion needs.

Q: What's your take on people who are into nu-metal stuff and your stuff?
A(Sam): I don't care what kind of music other people are into if they're into us. If you can be put off a band by what their other fans are like, then you probably aren't into the music in the first place.

Q: Who wrote february?
A(Luke): I wrote all of FEBRUARY.... No one else!

Q: New Album Distortion?
A(Luke): Marshall JMP

Q: Tours coming?
A(Luke): No thing planned

Q: Are you a vegetarian?
A(Luke): No but I dont eat very much meat.

Q: What you think about filesharing?
A(Luke): Great for finding new bands, nothing worse then buying a cd only to find out you dont like it. If you like a cd buy it.

Q: Is there a video for the track Compromise?
A(Sam): There is a video for compromise floating around that was made for us by some good friends...and it isn't the DVD trailer.

Q: So who has duties on guitars and drums if Matt and Gary have left?
A(Sam): The other contributor for guitars/bass is a guy called Adrian from an oz band called Demon Other. (Also Ed and Jason are back on the job. For the drums: Back on using drummachine.)

Q: Vocal duties on the new album?
A(Sam): I didn't do any vocal work for the new album. (So obivously it's all Luke this time.)

Q: I made tabbed your songs and i'm not sure if my tabs are correct. Can you help me?
A(Sam): I'm living in the UK, but if you are able to get the tabs to me (or scan them then email them thru) I can tell you how close you are.

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