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It's that Latvian festival isn't it? But I mean, it is a festival. You're being a little like Dave Mustaine, whining over Rotting Christ playing on the same festival. Unfortunately Dave had a little more influence.

At the same time, sure, Nokturnal Mortum is not a band to support in my books either. The whole "I don't separate friends by beliefs" argument is valid in a way, but there's always a level where it gets too much. I wouldn't be friends with a neo-Nazi, if I noticed a friend of mine was one, and in the same way, I wouldn't want Primordial being friends with Nokturnal Mortum. But this is just a festival gig, so who's to say, just go to the fucking gig and who knows, maybe you'll even get a positive experience when immersing yourself with a different crowd than usual.

I'm not sure it's fair to say "this concert is going be full of skinheads like always", like you said you don't get any fucking gigs in Iceland. Hell, as far as I remember, you got Misery Index a while ago, can't imagine very many skinheads at that gig. That festival with Primordial, D666, Nokturnal Mortum etc. seems kinda more underground than most things and I'd totally go if it was in my neighbourhood.
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