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Originally Posted by mondo View Post
you think i should do vocals like guttural secrete? what kind of shit is that? element vocals are not ment to be 100% guttural! my vocals are very powerful, loud and i have alot of range! phrasing and clairity is what it is all about! you prolly want it guttural where you cant understand what lyrics are being said! where it sounds like REEEEET and GRRRRRRRR and the best EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, guttural is boring to me sounding the same all the time!

but, i have my vocals on point and i am on my A game! and i need people like you to boost up my confidence to show all the haters that i can do any style vocals and do it better!

have a good day! hahaha
I thought your vox sounded good. Matched up well (but still a little different) with what was done on the CD.
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