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Kevin: Fair enough. You are correct in saying that Zinfandel needs no modifier and that White Zinfandel is a blasphemous trailer park abortion. I have to prod back at you, though: Your use of insouciantly in a later post is questionable...

Jack: If you did not use a thesaurus in your response to Kevin, then you are the new vocabulord (or vocabuloid). After reading that, my neurotransmitters shut down and I was only capable of blowing raspberries...

Marq: Yo, yo, yo, written responses offer an opportunity to use the eloquence of our language to more concisely elucidate what we mean to say, fo' shizzle...

Metalman: Tentative studio dates are late August 2004. You will not have to wait much longer. Keep rockin' in the free world.
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