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response to astladrift

sorry I didn't get back to your post there but you're right, it was a time issue. I"m a very busy guy and I work a 3 jobs a week. I have thought about what you said about giving Adrift a chance and I kept saying to myself today, well, maybe I need to give it several more listens. I mean, its like you said, you aren't trying to start a new musical trend but you do want to do something different. I guess sometimes, thats the problem with me. I don't wish to give new bands like yourselves a chance. Its funny how I like a lot different types of music wheather its 60's bands like The Beatles and The Kinks, to underground metal bands like Napalm Death and Katakylsm and not give modern day melodic post grunge music a chance. Maybe I'm just a little too close minded or something. Do you guys still have any downloadable mp3's on the official site? Maybe I need to download more songs and see if I really like it enough to give it a chance. I mean, if other people say its good, then it probably is worthy of a listen. But make no mistake because I am still gonna remain loyal to the underground metal/hardcore scene. I want to prove to bands like Hatebreed and Unearth that I"m still being loyal to their music while liking Adrift at the very same time. I mean, whats the worst that could happen? Just some food for thought.
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