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This is Kevin from Adrift. To begin with, I thank you for making your post HERE, on this forum, a proper place for this kind of discourse, rather than on our website guestbook, which has become a proving ground for every degenerate reprobate idiot to post rants that attempt to bait all of Adrift, Jack included, into violent response. So, here we can discuss things and see if we can come to common ground, or agree to disagree.

"I just don't want these guys to be the next Nirvana and kill off metal again." Metal was never "killed off;" public perception may have been turned to grunge at the time, mainly because glam was so old and overdone that everyone was sick of it, and because there was a rawness and sincerity about grunge that appealed to the masses. But those of us, like Jack and I, and countless other musicians and metal fans alike, both continued to play metal of all genres, and also listened to it. It never died, because we would not let it. Metal of all forms cannot die just because any one band achieves success (in fact, Metallica has been doing their part trying to kill metal for over a decade now, and even with their massive success, metal lives still). These types of trends in the music industry rarely are due to ONE band versus a crop of new talent. Grunge was an exception, and Nirvana was only one of an eventual many of bands of that type. I am curious as to why you say that metal either died or was killed off - I see just the opposite: metal went underground, tape trading abounded, death metal (which I still love) became popular, and it survived, and in my opinion, became stronger.

So, what would be your fundamental objection to Adrift becoming popular? Even though I really love playing our music, and love our songs, I do not feel that we will revolutionize the music industry and create a genre as Nirvana helped to do. That is not to say that I do not feel that Adrift will be identified with by a large demographic of America and achieve commercial success - I think it will, and that we will have success, but that's mainly because we are true to what we do, and we do it for the right reasons. Adrift is not concerned with diagnosing the next trend in "nu-metal" (and you curiously list Puddle of Mudd, a nu-metal band [to most] notoriously more pussy than Adrift), or catering to the "industry." We write what we want, and we have a damn good time doing it. If you dig, cool. If you don't, cool - listen to that which you like. I will not censor you for your opinions, but your expression of them was a bit less than respectful towards Jack and Adrift, of which I am VERY protective. My music with Adrift means the world to me, and to us, and we will defend it every step along the way. If you cannot see past the first three songs, which are admittedly more radio friendly (albeit MUCH more involved, musical and proficient than POM and <yecch> Good Charlotte), and judge us purely based on that, then I truly have no further conversation for you. Go listen to what you enjoy, thanks for stopping by, and good luck with what you do.

Sin (and I do not use your actual name for apparent anti-flame reasons), thanks for standing up for us, you're a true friend and advocate for ALL music, not just a small cross-section.

But, Metalman, Adrift has (right now) 15 songs - some of which are intricate, involved, and waaaay detuned (B flat, if you play guitar), and very edgy and nearly metal. Is it Cannibal? No. Is it black, death, thrash, grind, blast or other extreme metal? No. It is simply Adrift, and we have many influences that work their way into our music.

It might surprise you to know that most of the metal influence in Adrift comes from me, not Jack. Jack is, overall, one of the best, if not THE best, musicians I have ever met, let alone had the honor of working and playing with. You list several old-school bands from the 60s and 70s. Jack can play 'em all - including solos. He can play Hendrix to a note, including feel, and would wow you if you gave him, and us, a chance. If you decide not to, again, adios, take care. But, if you'd care to broaden your horizons a wee bit (which by your self-proclaimed list of musical likes, you seem to be a bit broader than the standard Cannibal fan), check back to the site, see one of our shows, ACTUALLY check us out, and give it a real, thorough chance. You may just find that Jack is channeling his emotion differently, and inspite of your comments, you might be pleasantly surprised. If not, hell, I'll buy you beer at our gig in WI (I used to live in Lake Geneva), and we'll part on friendly terms. Not to mention, Jack has been playing extreme metal for 17 years now, first with Dark Deception (with Rob Barrett, old-school trivia for you), and then with Cannibal. Jeezum pete, the guy has put in his time, and done about all he can do for the death metal genre - there is nothing left for him in extreme metal. It was time for him to move on, and he found kindred souls in Adrift.

Keep in mind, as well, that those songs out there right now, along with being very radio friendly, are also songs we wrote years ago and have played for a while - Adrift's newer material is, in my opinion, edgier, and also MORE expressive and dynamic.

Long story longer, with Adrift, we play the music we play, and write what we write, for us. It is catharsis, therapy, an outlet that lets us express what would otherwise be kept bottled inside, festering, boiling, damaging. We hope that others can feel this purge, and find a similar outlet in our songs. Again, is it extreme metal? No, but it has a similar purpose and effect, if you let it. We have been lucky and are very thankful for the support that we have received from the people that like what we do. We have weathered the naysayers, the single-mindedly avid Cannibal fans who rail and disrespect rather than support Jack in an endeavor which could help ALL of extreme metal (you don't think that if Adrift hits huge that Cannibal won't enjoy ridiculous success and ancillary sales from people checking out Jack's "old" band? Of course they will). We will continue to make the music we do, in spite of adversity, and there is quite a bit.

Adrift welcomes you to stick around, chat, and maybe find something that you would want to listen to. I, for one, apprecaite you stopping by and saying hey, even if you don't necessarily like our songs (I kinda got that from your first post, which, even though somewhat disrespectfully toned towards Jack, was not the typical absurdly dickheaded and intentionally hurtful posting). I will turn your post over to Jack to respond to as well. If you have not included an email address, I might request that you do, in case Jack wants to reply to you personally.

Pre-production on the Adrift full-length is going famously, as well! Sorry for the magnum opus, but obviously, this is a topic I take most seriously.


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