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Originally posted by dave salmon
Q. Are berzerker from australia then?
A. No, they come from shrewsbury

Q. Do their faces really look like that?
A. Yes, they were short in replacement blades for thier shavers, had hot dates lined up and the nearest thing to hand was a floor sander

Q. Are there Kangeroo's on speed in that drum kit?
A. No, dildo's set on peter stringfellow

Q. Did sam really hit that guy on the DVD, and if so, why?
A. Yes, because he was an ugly cunt and the sight of him offended sam!

Q. What gauge strings does sam use on his bass?
A. He doesn't use conventional strings, he steals the supporting cables from the golden gate bridge!

Q. Wheres toby gone?
A. He's currently the lead role in the remake of the classic broadway musical, cats

Q. Who is the little kid wearing sams mask?
A. what? oh, it was a practicle joke played on sam, but the washing machine was left on for too long and he shrunk!

Q. What happens when i press the weird strings of code in one of the menus on the DVD or when i key in these numbers: 20291381945750217?
A. If pressed in the correct order or key in correctly, all past and current members of the berzerker will merge together and become a one man folk band.

Q. Who's nash?
A. He's a mathmetician who died attemtping to calculate the exact speeds at which the berzerkers drums are played at while listening to bothalbums back to back on full volume! look hes here:

Q. Are koala's really evil?
A. What? too fucking right they are, i lost both arms, a leg and my left nut after i cheated one in a game of fuzzy-duck! and who the fuck do you think body guard nile? themselves? well maybe, but no its koala's!
Lol. now this thread went offtopic too. but hey man some of those were damn funny
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