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1 -"Skynet" - Sorry dude but The Terminator called and he want his ideas back. The only thing metal about this song is The Terminator's dick.

2 - "Seaward" - this song is extremely watered down and unoriginal. Fitting song title but they really should have called it Squidward and Spongebob suck dick.

3 - "Dr. Doom" - Who would have thought? another unoriginal song. Dr. Doom cmon guys seriously!!?! Disgracing music is enough, Dr. Doom deserves a better theme song than this. You should have named it Dr. Dick Trickle.

4 - "Forget-Me-Now"- Done deal. This song needs to be forgotten. Better yet forget this band.

5 - "Cthulhu"- wow it was cool when Metallica did it and they even changed the spelling. And wait a sec doesn't Cradle of Filth have a song called Cthulhu's Dawn..yeah thought so and I expect this considering Cradle of Filth is the metal reincarnate of HP Lovecraft . This song is the epitome of unoriginal and a sad attempt at trying to be Metal. suck dick.

6 - "Baby Buster"- its more like ball buster. I felt about 30% less manly listening to this sissy garbage. It actually sounded exactly like the last 5 songs before it.

7 - "Balboa Towers" - Did anyone see the latest Rocky Movie? This song is about as washed up as Sylvester Stallone's carreer.

8 - "JFC" - This song should have been called KFC because it is about as fake and processed as KFC's chicken.

9 - "Kraken" - Didn't they already write a song about a mythical creature. I'm sensing a lack of CREATIVITY. Wait they only ever wrote one song anyone and renamed it about 15 times.

10 - "The Combine" - Oh wow did they actually decide to combine some riffs and write a song? Ahh nah just wishful thinking they actually just combined their dicks and played a break down for the same length as all their dicks combined. The song is only 2 min.

11 - "The Behemoth" - Yeah there is already a band called Behemoth and they outplay all of you and dicks combined. stop trying to be metal by naming your songs after stuff thats already been done.

To sum it all up they pretty much did what I figured, sucked dick and wrote horrible songs with cheesy and lame titles.
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