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Hey, dude. Thanks a lot for the feedback. You guys are really awesome to actually take time to interact with the fans/random people of this board.

Band plans: I live on a mountain. Not many kids here know what extreme metal is and what it's all about, so I don't know what will be happening in the future. As for those drums, I too dislike them, but it's the best I can do for now. If I could get a full band around me, I would like to just pull a Satyr and just do vocals because it's one hell of an easy job. Playing guitar hurts!
Leads: Well, I can't do guitar solos because I suck. I can do guitar leads like in my song Killer of Christians. The middle part is very dark; the bass, guitar, and lead guitar are all doing something differently and it sounds awesome. Thanks for asking Jack to listen to it! I think I'm gonna crap my pants just knowing this.

I'll keep listening to any more Adrift stuff and let you know what I think. Like I said, it isn't my cup of tea and I'll admit that I am a bit closed-minded about music. I don't do it intentionally. It's just like movies: some people like action movies and some people like drama movies, some like comedies and some like horror or some like all. I personally feel music should be exciting. But you guys are talented, sound good, and kick any band's ass of that genre. I am just not really fond of the vocal style.

Once again, thanks!
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