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Fisting (Austin),

I went to the Intestinal Lynching link you sent and checked out several songs. I hear pretty good stuff for just doing it yourself. I caught a Morbid/Cradle/Dimmu/Cannibal vibe from most of it - lots of good, driving riffs. I even heard a tinge of Nile perhaps? It would be interesting to hear more once you have placed a band around you. Are you still going to play guitar and do vocals in a band? Are you going to do leads? My only suggestion might be to shorten some of the songs and parts a bit, it will be difficult to find a drummer with endurance to match the tempos in your tracks. If you plan to keep making music on your own, I suggest upgrading your drum program or machine - as a drummer, I can tell you that a hot drum sound is the cornerstone of any song.

Pretty cool stuff. I think much of the Adrift stuff is going to surprise people...we do have some heavy shit, but very, VERY catchy.

Take care, keep stopping by - your discourse is rather funny. I especially enjoyed your "band history."

I have asked Jack to listen and respond as well.

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