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Q:Why are the berzerker nazi?
A:The book club was full.

Q:Are all of you really cannibals?
A:Only when burger king runs out of chicken royals

Q:Do you speak English in Australia?
A:No, they speak australian

Q:Sam, does your mask have the same effect on you as Jim Carrey's did in the movie 'The Mask'?
A:Yes it does

Q:Where can I find some speedcore stuff of the berzerker?
A:Try looking with your eyes and not your keyboard.

Q:Are you fucking retarded or something?
A:I prefer the term special.

Q:Why is the name of your album the name of an ATG song?
A:The same reason luke covered the ATG song, "Cold". to piss ATG off.

Q.1:Is it possible for more guitar tabs on the website?
A.1:No, no website can handle more tabs than the berzerker site contains, speaking from a pysics stand point its impossible unless you can maintain 1.21Jigwatts flowing through the flux capacitor whilst spinng anti-clock-wise on a downwards rotational axis.

Q.2:Or can i email a member of the band to request some?
A.2:No, CBA.

Q:yup, doesnt it suck? i hate nub musicians n wanna be metal heads
A:It sucks like a prostitute with a prostetic vagina. and yes, you are a penis for having hatred of people who are new to a musical instrument, but wanna be metals heads are poo.
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