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^From what I know, he does more side projects, and he does band management, and was largely involved in the formation of the progressive nation tour, which entitles him to more of the final cut, not to mention his career in drumming instruction and production. I've also heard he's done well with investing his money, better than his bandmates, so that's why I say probably, not definitely.

I have some friends in bands, well, okay, I know Matt from Shadows Fall, and Mike D from Overcast/KsE, and both those guys were the band "leaders", as they formed the band, were heavily involved in production and tour scheduling, and they both got higher cuts when it came down to it. Even when Jamey Jasta was in Jasta 14 (before Hatebreed down in New Haven, CT) along with Greg from Red Sparowes, he was the bands main man, and because of his additional duties, took slightly more from the cut. Anyways, it's just what I know from being around these dudes.

I'd be curious in Periphery's and Binary Codes cases if it's still that way, although, it's incredibly uncomfortable for any band member to talk about that, so I won't ask.
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