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i think corpse has/had talent. i guess alot of people could shred if they practiced, but you made the calssis riffs. gallery, stripped, raped and strangled. those songs to alot of people could just be noise or whatnot, but i think its still talent to at least have all that stamina. death metal can barely be creative anymore, which is kind of sad. new inventive things are coming of. exhumed is going into the melodic phase, which is awesome. and dying fetus just opening pissing in the mainstream with those sweeps... thats innovative, i love that fucking intro. or the classic death songs. before death metal was all blast beats, death wrote the intro for the philosopher. that was the first song i heard by them, and i still love it everytime i hear it. or anytime i play it. not only are melodic riffs changing peoples style of music, but anytime i learn them makes me feel one step closer to being a good musician. but i have lots of time before im any good. i wont be the next steve vai, or the next satriani. i wont be the next chuck, but hopefully, ill be good enough that people look up to me. a person like jack owen. :D im a kissass, but a good guitarist cant go uncomplimented if i get the chance. keep going with adrift, and ill still look up to you as one of the best.
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