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My 2 cents about Jack leaving CC

What I have to say will most likely be short and sweet and to the point..

To those of you bashing Jack about leaving CC please shut the fuck up and worry about something else. To even take the time to fucking write on this board or on there guestbook your fucking bullshit about him is getting old..Jack is not just a guitarist. When I was running the site alot of fucking people ignored what I was doing and didnt give a fuck. (I am not going to name any names) When I met Jack and told him who I was he imediatly (<----spelt wrong) took time out of his day and answered any questions that I had. Every show since that day I was there and he always rememberd that I was going to be there and put me on the guest list. Although I cant say that I know the guy extremlly well, I do consider him a friend and would do anything for him.. If he is happy doing this then appreciate it and keep your mouth shut. Be happy that he gave you 15 years of music that was the best of the genre. So if you guys have anything else to say please do me a favor and send me the e-mail and let me know what you have to say so that I can tear you up and what you wrote sentence by sentence and make you look like the dumbass that you are..

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