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Last distro news:

BONE AWL (Usa) The longuest road Demo tape. Black metal with old school roots

EREKTION (Fra) Restless copulation Tape. Obscure brutal death/ Satanic death

EXCORIATE (Chile) In the darkest anguish Demo tape. Old school death/ Death doom

HELL KONFESSOR (Bra) Hell konfessor Demo tape. Fast black metal in the 90's style.

MORBID TENDENCY (Israel) Bleeding demos. Tape. Death metal (Members of Sonne adam, Abosranie Bogom...)

AGONIJA (Lithuania) Neapykantos ratu CD. Old school death in the 90's style, with influences of Morgoth (Cursed)

BLOOD POLLUTION (Russia) Cave aliens CD. Old school thrash/ Speed/ Hard rock'n roll

EXTINCTION REMAINS (Bra) Smog CD. Obscure and old school death/ doom.

INVOCATION SPELLS (Chile) Unholy blasphemies CD. Black thrash (Members of Dekaptied, Unjustice)

TERATOGENY (Mex) Mundo fam?lico CD. Digipack. Grindcore/ Death grind/ Fast punk hardcore. (Member of Genocide)

TORN APART (Russia) Possessed by death CD. Old school necro death metal

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