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Last distro news:

AMOK (Nor) Necrospiritual deathcore Tape. Death/ Thrash (Members of Aeternus, Taake, Orcustus...)

EXORCISM (Ger) Demonic inheritance Demo tape. Old necro death metal (Members of nocturnal, Frontbeat, The fog...)

MARTELO INTOLERANTE (Bra) O intolerante trono do odio Demo tape. Cavernous black death

MEPHISTO (Ita) Too loud for the hell Demo tape. Old school underground black thrash
Old demp on regular tape.

MORAST (Luxembourg) Dead out from graves Demo tape. Black death/ Minimal necro metal

OV SHADOWS (Swe) Monologues Demo tape. Black metal

PYRON (Malaysia) Hell pyre Demo tape. Death metal

RESTOS HUMANOS (Ita) Restos humanos Demo CDr. Old school death grind

DAY OF EXECUTION (Bulgaria) Dead burning to ashes Tape. Death metal

AEPOCH (Can) Awakening inception Tape. Technical/ Progressive death

-ASAFATED (Turkey) Demos 94-95. Pro CDr. Old death metal. 2nd hand
-DESPISE & CONQUER (Ger) Promo CDr. Death thrash
-KLY (Pol) Taran -Gai CD. Digipack. Atmospheric black metal
-UTTERTOMB (Chile) Promo CDr. Obscure death
-VA - QUEBRA CABECAS Compilation CD. Thrash, death, groove metal, heavy metal bands from Portugal

ACID VICIOUS Zine (Fra) issue 14: Mortuary, Iron flesh, Infamy, Windhelm, Choisir le pire, Aube, Litanie, Piarevaracien, Inzest, Kaos obscure art,Music records, Les Kroutes...

HELLZ zine (Russia) issue 29: Tales of darknord, Nocturnal pestilence, Terrorraiser, Bestial vomit, Bestial deform, Diathra, Ieschure, Hereafter, Lydia laska, Jinx, Big city... + Reviews, articles.

MANTO NEGRO (Chile) Newsletter #1: Funeralis, Henosis, Abhorior, Pyreficativm... + Reviews.
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