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Antti's Vocals

Does anyone know how Antti gets those insanely low guttural burps? I've tried using inhales, but I can't get the depth or thickness that his have. Any tips? Thanks to anyone who replies.

And yes, I have seen this. (From the message board)

"Thanks, for both praising and and stopping it rapidly.

About the vocals. It's not a secret, but "they" may have to kill you if I tell you. So, here we go: I didn't practice or decide to do it that way, it just happened. I think I didn't understand how grownling should have been done, and chose a completely different technique, which seems to be more natural to me, though.

I tilt my head a bit downwards (ie. jaw towards the chest), open up my throat as if I was vomiting, and force the sound out of the stomach, or at least it feels so. Obviously I blow the air from the lungs via the lower throat.

Then again, do what's natural to you. That leads to the best sound you'll get out of your body."

I just need to know where to go from there.

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