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Originally Posted by sweetXmajestic
And I agree wtih Inquest up there when he/she says that both bands slay me in different ways. Necrophagist lean a little more on the melodic/progressive side. Sure they are still brutal as hell, but obviously both bands have many differences. I really enjoy Necrophagist because they found the perfect blend of technicality and melody. They're high on my favorite band list. As for SOP topping Necrophagist? I think it's actually all in musical taste, it's all in the qualities you look for in a band. We could argue about that for weeks. I like Necrophagist because I think they DO have the songwriting skills and are still technical as hell. The riffage is speedy and noodley but there's still an underlying balance that makes them not seem too chaotic where it is just noise to my ears. SOP have that same quality but go about it in a more brutal way.
I agree 100%....I just think necro has the full package as far as all the members really standing out, really its just the bass missing from SOP IMO.
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