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I have everything Necrophagist has released, I enjoy listening to them from time to time. I do beleive that they are too much fast too much of the time. They have some really amazing ass songs, Stabwound, Only Ash Remains, Seven, To breath In a Casket, Intestinal Incubation. It's just that it seems like writing something with syncopation has never cross their minds which hurts them alot, even though they are already a good band and pretty damn good musicians.

Same thing goes with Origin. That's why I like Beneath The Massacre, they take all the insane gravity blasting, technical guitar tapping/sweeping/squeelies riffing at insane speeds but actually carve out room for rhythm periodically in their songs.

That's not even the point, the new SoP is amazing as shit, the guitars are so intricate at times, it shows a real skill of writing that few bands show at all. Straight foward and bludgeoning at some parts, monolithic grooves at others, spuratic choas at others, but this murders Catholic priests the whole way through.

The intro and outro compositions are beautiful too.

I can't get over how good this fucking cd.

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