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Adrift Tablature

We are currently in the preproduction stages of a full length album which could contain as many as 12 or 13 songs. During this process, we are reconfiguring, rewriting, rethinking...

The songs you have heard via MP3 files on the website are not necessarily the final product. After the release of the album, tentatively scheduled for the end of summer 2004, something of this nature may be made available. It is a matter of demand and cost effectiveness. Certainly, it is not out of the realm of possibility; however, it would be a luxury item. In other words, the likelihood of a tablature book being made available is right up there with Adrift coffee mugs and mousepads. Have faith, though...we know how to dream big. We have an album to record and hopefully a tour to plan to support the album and those two things are priorites 1 & 2. We'd really be putting the cart before the horse by making tablature available, not to mention 'thinking a little too highly of ourselves'. Thank you for the thread, though. It is a very flattering request.

Here's a hint: If you are having trouble figuring out "Empty Dreams" just watch the video. It's not too difficult and there are a few gratuitous fretboard shots.

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