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Last distro news:

CONCRETE (Bulgaria) Chambers of afterlife CD. Death metal

FESTERING RECTO GANGRENOUS SLIME (Usa) Noisome collection of vomitous sounds CDr. Grindcore/ Grindgore

GRAVE DISGRACE (Russia) Grave disgrace Tape. Doom

GROND (Rus) Cosmic Devonian Demo tape. Old death metal/ Death doom

OLD CHAPEL (Russia) Symptoms of possession Demo tape. Old school death/ doom.

SxOxTxEx (Hungary) Total enviromental collapse Demo tape. Grindcore/ Crust

Fanzine: BELLS OF ACHERON (Col) #3: Nocturnal graves, Hypnosia, Vanhelgd, Under the church, Machetazo, Necronomicon, Infernus serpest, Funeral nation, Death courrier, Denouncement pyre, Xenotaph, Agony lords, Sorcerer, Blood farmers, Forced kill, Infernal slaughter, Chancro duro, Black jesus, Gama international recs, Stranger...+ Reviews. 76 pages. In english. 2015
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