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Last distro news:

BOLO (Rus) Tour tape 2013. Grindcore/ Powerviolence

CHAMBER OF TORTURE (Rus) Behead before interment Tape. Death metal

EMINENT SHADOW (Bra)/ DEMONIC HATE (Bra)/ INSOLITUM (Bra)/ MORBID PERVERSION (Bra) "Blasphemvs mortis cvltvs – Primvs abominatio" Split tape. Death metal

FUNERAL BITCH (Usa) The demos tape. Old death metal/ Thrash. Pre Master, or something.

GALVANIZER (Fin) Horrid tales of death... Demo tape. Old death metal with putrid sound

GANGRENE DISCHARGE (Usa) A collection of trauma Demo CDr. Grindcore/ Grindgore with gore vocals.

INFRA (Por) Initiation on the ordeals of lower vibrations Demo tape. Death doom/ Black

INSOLITUM (Bra) Infestus Demo tape. Death metal

NEX (Pol) Totalitarian leader MCD. Digipack. Death metal/ Old brutal death

NUCLEAR DETONATION (Ita) Living dead, sons of the lobotomy Tape. Thrash metal

TUMOR NECROSIS FACTOR ALPHA (Can) Tales from the endoplasmic ridiculum Demo tape. Death metal/ Grindcore influenced by old Carcass.

Fanzine: CHRONICLES (Nor) #1: Ares kingdom, Pentagram, Blood mortized, Sol negro, Audiopain,
Patrons of the rotting gate, 58 pages. A4. In english. 2015.
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