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Last distro news:

ABYSSUS (Gre) Summon the dead Demo tape. Old styled death metal.

ALTARS (Australia) Paramnesia Tape Lp. Obscure death metal

APPĂ„RATUS (Malaysia) Another night of holocaust ‎Tape. Crust/ Hardcore/ Punk

CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY (Ita) Future decay Tape. Crust/ Thrash/ Speed

IN OBSCURITY REVEALED (Mex) Spell of the seeker Demo tape. Old school/ Obscure death

INEXORABLE (Chile) Sea of dead consciousness Demo tape. Fast obscure death metal

PHRENELITH (Den) Veiled verses Demo tape Old school Death metal. Members of Undergang, Wormridden, Mold.

SAKATAT (Turkey) Yolun sonu! Limited tour CD. Pro CDr. Grindcore

SEPULCHRAL CURSE (Fin) A birth in death MCD. Old school death

VILIFIER (Australia) Ritual obscuration Demo tape. Death black/ War metal

Fanzine: BURNING SALTS (Usa) #3: Autopsy, Solstice, Nunslaughter, Deathblow, Raven, Eyehategod, Cemetery lust, Purgation, Descending ascension, The obliteration plague,
Mutilated veterans, Amigo of the devil... + Reviews. 44 pages. A4. In english. 2014
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