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Last distro news:

ASAFATED (Turkey) Demos 94-95 Tape. Old school death

DESINENCE MORTIFICATION (Croatia) Misery remains Demo tape. Grindcore

DESOLATOR (Usa) The bells ninth chime Demo tape. Black thrash

ECTOPLASMA (Greece) Everlasting deathreign Demo tape. Old school death

IMPETIGO (Usa) Rode island deathfest - Live 1992. Bootleg tape. Old school death grind/ Grind

NEKROFILTH (Usa) Worship destruction Tape. Old school death thrash

NIGHT AMBUSH (Chile) The night prepares an ambush Demo tape. Old styled heavy speed

RABIES (Philippines) Apocalypse agenda Demo tape. Old school thrash

RED SORES (Usa) Demo 1 tape. Crust/ Hc/ Punk

RIVERGE (Jap) Raid for riverging Tape. Old school thrash

RUIN (Usa) Spread plague hell Demo tape. Old school death with some obscure and old brutal tendencies.

CARDIAC NECROPSY (Singapore) Sixxxteen years of anal addict CD. Death grind (Songs from demo, eps, split cd and unreleased Ep)
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