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Last distro news:

DISINTERRED (Bel) Live at Vlamrock 2014 Tape. Swedish styled death metal

GODDEFIED (Swe) Inhumation of Shreds (Complete Recordings 1991-2009) Tape. Old school death

MANDINGAZO (Chile) Death metal punishment Demo tape. Old school death

OMINOSITY (Can)/ GARROTING DEEP (Can) Split tape. Obscure death/ Death metal

ORTHODOXY (Spa) Shaarimoth Demo tape. Death black

PATHOGEN (Philippines)/ THE ABHUMANS (Philippines) Split CDr. Old school death/ Simple punk rock

REVELATION OF DOOM (Pol) Unholy goatfuck Tape. Fast satanic death

THE NEFARIOUS INTEGRATION (Hol) Seventh circle of hell Demo tape. Raw death thrash

TYRANNO (Bra) Master of sin MCD/ Pro CDr. Old school thrash black influenced by Hellhammer/ Celtic frost

WITCH TRAIL (Bel) Call from the grave Demo tape. Thrash black like early Bathory

W√úRM'S TONGUE (Den) Fungi from yuggot Demo tape. Old school Black thrash/ Death

Fanzine: TESTAMENT (Peru) #15: Phlebotomized, Denial of god, Mx, Shining, Forgotten tomb, Chaos inception, Pandemonium, Alfahanne, De silence et d'ombre, Nechochwen, Sacrilegious impalement, Bones, Fervent hate. 36 pages. A4. In spanish. 2015.
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