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Last distro news:

ABOMINABLOOD (Argentina) Inner temple Demo tape. Black death

ATAVISMA (Fra)/ MAUR (Indonesia) Buried in the ethereal split tape. Death doom/ Doom

BASTARDOS (Argentina) Descraneados en las calles Demo tape. Old styled thrash

BLACK BLEEDING (Fra) A bright future Tape. Great black death.

BLOOD SUCKERS (Bel) Fuck milk... Got beer? Tape. Grindcore

DRENCROM (Chile) Banished from reality Demo tape. Old school thrash

INHALATOR (Hungary) Fajdalom szinhaz Demo tape. Thrash metal

NEURASTENIA/ SCYTHE split tape. Doom dark ambiant

OF DARKNESS (Spa) Tribute to Kzysztof Penderecki - Passio et mors domini nostri... Tape. Doom death/ Funeral doom

RETORZIO (Hungary) Tamadas '98 bol demo 2002 Tape. Old school thrash

ROTEM (Por) Dehumanization CD. Black metal/ Death metal

xDELOREANx (Usa) xHILLxVALLEYxPOWERVIOLENCEx Demo tape. Fastcore/ Powerviolence

Fanzine: INFERNAL THRASHING (Chile) #6: Demonic rage, Trenchrot, Nunslaughter, Sanctifying ritual, Tyrant blood, Nuclear aggressor, Morbid holocaust, Regret, Ramming speed, Napalm raid, Motor, Hellish death, Dekapitated, Bioterror, Bestial blasphemy... + reviews.
58 pages. A4. In english. 2015.
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