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Last distro news:

ANTISOCIAL BEHAVIOUR ORDER (Uk) Demo 2 / 2015. Tape. Grindcore

BONES (Usa) Bones CD. Death metal/ Crust. Members of Usurper.

CONFRONTATION (Hol) Fieseler Fi 103 Demo tape. Death doom with Swedish sound.

GUILD OF DESTRUCTION (Australia) We are vermin CD. Death metal/ Death black

MAZE OF TORMENT (Bol)/ TREPANACION (Chile) Split tape. Underground death metal

NUCLEARHAMMER (Can) Frozen misery Demo tape. Black death

SACRILATOR (Chile) From hell Demo tape. Old school thrash speed.

SCAFFOLD (Serbia) The other side of reality Tape. Death metal/ Thrashing death. Rerelease of recording from 94.

SCORCHED EARTH (Usa) Marauders Demo tape. Death metal/ Black thrash

SELAPHIEL (Spa) Death metal on the cross Demo tape. Satanic brutal death. Members of Gathering Darkness

TERRA CAPUT MUNDI (Usa) Praeparatio aeternum bellum Tape. Old school thrash speed

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