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Last distro news:

ABSCONDER (Usa) Demo 2011 Tape. Old styled death. Members of Morgue, Leproso...

CONVULSION (New zealand) A pickled feast Demo tape. Old Death metal/ Putrid death (Rerelease of demo from 90's)

EMBRYONIC DEVOURMENT (Usa) Reptilian agenda Tape. Brutal death/ Technical death

EKRON CULT (Paraguay) Legado ancestral en el fin del mundo Demo CDr. Death thrash/ Black thrash

MITOCHONDRION (Can) Archaeaeon Tape. Death black/ Black death

ROTEM (Por) Nightmare Forever MCD/ Pro CDr. Fast death metal/ Death black

SERPENT OMEGA (Swe) Serpent omega Tape. Heavy doom/ Stoner

THY RITES (Bra) Invoker of the Venomous Unlight CD. Black death

Fanzine: DEHUMANIZED (Uk) #6: Entrails, Necro, Circle of tyrants, Aggressive mutilator.
+ small articles (unleashed, Banished from inferno, Deranged, Proletar, Desecration) + reviews, live reports... 52 pages. A5. In english. 2015

Fanzine: DEVILMENT (Uk) # 6: Drawn and quartered, Deceptor, Cobra, Festering, Jumalation, Sanctuaire, Ysengrin, Gallow God, Kurhan, Necroriser... + reviews... 88 pages. A5. In english. 2013

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