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Last distro news:

ACOLYTES OF MOROS (Swe) Illusions of progress MCD. Doom metal

ARSONIST (Mex) The ultimate banishment CD. Thrash metal/ Swedish death/ Crust

BATTLECRY (Usa) Today belongs to us Tape. Heavy metal

CONTAMINATED (Australia) Promo'15 Tape. Dark/ Tortured Death metal

DESINENCE MORTIFICATION (Cro)/ GIHTSHASIE (Cro) Split CD. Brutal death grind/ Experimental electro grind indus

EXORCISED (Serbia) Reflections of horr or Demo tape. Necro death metal

FUNERARY BELL (Fin) Horrific transCosmic overture Demo tape. Doom

HERESIARCH (New zealand) Hammer of Intransigence Demo tape. Black death

IN OBSCURITY REVEALED (Mex) Spell of the seeker Demo tape. Old school/ Obscure death

MALIGNANCY (Usa) Intrauterine cannibalism Tape. Brutal/ Obscure/ Technical death

SOULROT (Chile) Horrors from beyond Demo tape. Old styled death metal

UNDER ATTACK (Swe) The aftermath Demo tape. Thrash metal/ Heavy

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