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Re: Defeater - Empty Days And Sleepless Nights

Originally Posted by Shauncore View Post
Its not too hard at all.

Father loves his oldest son (Forgiver) but hates his younger one (coward) Coward is jealous of his brother. Coward and Forgiver as kids play "dodge" which is just chicken on a train track.

Their father gets drunk and starts hitting his wife. Coward kills him with a bottle then runs away. Forgiver calls him a coward.

Coward becomes a homeless drifter dealing with his past. He runs into the guy from Lost Ground singing as a homeless man.

At the same time forgiver buries their dad, grows up caring for his mom who becomes addicted to heroine (I assume).

After drinking with his friends from work he sees a girl at the Copper Coin. He goes over to her and they end up getting married.

The father had a gambling debt which a bookie tries to take from Forgiver. Forgiver confronts him and he gets beaten up and when he returns home the bookie has killed his wife.

Forgiver visits her every night after he gets drunk at the Copper Coin.

Coward decides to return home.

Forgiver finds his mom gone and notices her rosary isnt there so she is at the church. He gets to the church and she overdoses while praying.

Forgiver sits at home with a gun to his head. He hears a knock at his door and its Coward. He tells Coward he is going to kill him and walks him to the train tracks to either shoot Coward or let the train hit Coward.

Coward grabs the gun and throws Forgiver to the ground. Empty Days ends with Forgiver being hit by the train.

Coward then goes to the church and confesses. The priest says he doesn't judge him but God does. Cowardthen climbs to the top of a steeple and jumps off.

Kind of the short and skunny but I'll expand upon it later.
me too thanks
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