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just got this. $10 for a 12 ounce, hopefully well worth it. cracking this the second i get home from work today.

"Aged for eighteen months in fresh Cabernet Sauvignon wine barrels, Dihos Dactylion features a primary fermentation using a proprietary blend of saison yeasts, a secondary fermentation of our house brettanomyces wild yeast strain, along with lactobacillus and pediococcus bacteria added to sour things up. Dihos Dactylion bursts with aggressive aromas of red wine and a touch of brett; delightfully sour to the taste, initial lactic acid flavors hit high in the cheekbones before transitioning to complex layers of soft fruit, oaky-tannins and red wine."

sounds absolutely delightful, and my dick's rock hard contemplating the (way above average for the style) 10.74% abv.

drank a bottle of this and couldn't resist buying another the very next day. if you see this in a store and you have ANY interest in beer, please pick one up on my recommendation. both of the boutique craft beer stores near my house had bottles, so it can't be that limited. you'll drop about $10 for a 12 oz. i'm not going to do a full review cuz i'm not worthy, but it reminded me of the De Dolle Oerbier special reserva - a double sour brown with a pronounced lambic element. in comparison to the De Dolle, the Avery really shines in its carbonation - tiny, zesty, champagne-style bubbles. tarter than most sour browns due to souped-up brett content, and a lot of great fruit flavors, some rotting melon (in a good way). first you taste a geuze, then you think you're drinking a sour brown as it rests in your mouth, and the high-abv gives you a barleywine vibe as you swallow. good shit.
heading out to the American Craft Beer Fest in Boston after work. gonna be great. above is the tasting lineup for those who are as bored at work as i am. gonna get pretty blasted, all you can drink for 3.5 hours, only $45!
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