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Wow didn't realize this album was that deep/connected to the past albums. Not sure if he wrote Travels with EDSN in mind, but the connection is crazy.

Lost Ground - Father
Travels- Younger Brother
EDSN- Older Brother

Shame that this is seemingly the last album of the story unless they do one about the mother.

Put the songs in chronological order the best I could. I had to just start mixing Travels and Empty Days together during the middle, but kept the wife story close.

Bold= Empty Days
Underline= Sleepless Nights
Italics= Travels
Regular= Common Ground

The Bite and the Sting
A Wound and Scar
Home Ain't Never Home
The Red, White, and Blues
Singin' In New York
Beggin' in the Slums
Blessed Burden
But Breathing
Everything Went Quiet
Nameless Streets
Forgiver Forgetter/Warm Blood Rush (same story but from each side)
The City By Dawn
Dear Father
Prophet in Plain Clothes
Waves Crash, Clouds Roll
Carrying Weight
Empty Glass
I Don't Mind
No Kind of Home
White Knuckles
Cemetery Walls
Quiet the Longing
The Blues
Moon Shine
At Peace
White Oak Doors

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